The Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet: All You Need to Know

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The Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet: All You Need to Know

A woman wearing a mask as protection against the COVID-19 virus

There is a growing global divide between countries moving towards high vaccination rates and the countries experiencing a surge in infection rates. Despite the lower rates in emerging cases in most of the U.S, caution is still necessary.

The desire to return towards normal life is valid and urgent, but so are the risks. The pandemic will only be over when it has been cured on a global level.

The Challenges with The Vaccine Rollout

In the U.S, over 125.4 million people have been fully vaccinated. But most countries have not been this lucky. The vaccine rollout faces several challenges in low-income nations. The inadequate health system, shortage of vaccine supply, lack of awareness, and the growing wave of anti-vaxxers have all brought hurdles in the immunization process.

Development of New Variants

The more the virus spreads, the more it replicates and modifies itself. The emergence of new variants acts as a setback against the immunization process. Ever since the global outbreak last year, the very makeup of the virus has evolved.

The new variants are raising concerns given their possible reading their resistance to the vaccine. However, since the vaccines are designed to handle a broad immune response, they can still be effective. While some of the vaccines are still in the development process, their composition may be adjusted to fight the new variants.

A person holding COVID-19 vaccine and a syringe

Importance of Herd Immunity

We’ve heard the term being thrown around ever since COVID-19 first emerged, but what does it mean?  It refers to the indirect protection from an infection when enough population has developed immunity to protect the rest.

Developing herd immunity vaccination is essential, making it the best bet against the pandemic. For COVID-19, the rate of herd immunity is 60%, much lower than for other infectious diseases. The real challenge is to achieve this milestone on a global level.

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