Prescription Assistance Enrollment

Do you struggle to pay for your much-needed prescriptions? If so, Advocate My Meds is here to help you! By enrolling in our patient assistance program, we help to provide you with the same medications you need for FREE or at a SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED price.

The prescription assistance enrollment for our program is easy, convenient and painless. We understand how stressful it is to be unable to afford the medications you need, and the last thing we want is to bury you with piles of complex logistics and paperwork. We work with you and for you to help you through the process. Simply fill out the contact form below or contact one of our representatives at 1-877-596-1604 to get started!

How It Works


Simply fill out our online application form or give us a call at1-877-596-1604 to get started. A member of our team will reply to your inquiry ASAP and be there to help you throughout the enrollment process.


In order to assist as many people as we can, we strive to qualify the maximum number of individuals while still adhering to the guidelines that pertain to citizenship, insurance coverage and economic hardship.


Once you qualify, we help you fill out all the necessary paperwork so you can start getting your prescription medications at maximum expedience and minimum cost!

We are Here to Help

Pharmaceutical companies work with patient assistance programs such as Advocate My Meds to help low-income individuals with little to no means of financing acquire medication at no or minimal cost. Though many of these programs entail long, confusing, and inconvenient enrollment processes, the Advocate My Meds enrollment process is guaranteed to be simple for you and we are there to help you along the whole way. Our highly trained team of patient assistance specialists will ensure that all of your paperwork is completed and organized accordingly and we maintain all your documentation throughout your entire participation in our program. If you are approved, you will be enrolled into our program ASAP. It’s really that simple!