Boehringer Prescription Assistance

Gain Access to Free Medication with Boehringer Prescription Assistance Program

Millions of Americans are uninsured, struggle financially, or have insurance plans that fail to provide optimum prescription coverage. These factors weigh in on the scale and prevent these citizens from getting essential medical drugs needed for their treatment. Advocate My Meds realized this need and developed a platform that could make medication accessible to all.

We understand that prescription assistance programs can touch people’s lives and even help save valuable lives. This is why we established the Advocate My Meds full-service prescription organization that helps connect patients to pharmaceutical companies. Through our initiative, thousands of Americans can now afford otherwise costly medication and get the treatment they need.

Our organization features the Boehringer prescription assistance program to provide cost-effective medication to financially unstable individuals. They offer three different programs to accommodate the needs of their consumers. Their prescription assistance program includes several medicines, including:

  • Aptivus – to treat symptoms associated with HIV infection
  • Jardiance – to lower blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes,
  • Pradaxa – to prevent blood clots,
  • Glyxambi – to treat diabetes,

The other two BI prescription assistance programs are solely created to supplement the applicants with:

  • Gilotrif – to treat non-small cell lung cancer
  • Ofev – to treat pulmonary fibrosis

With Advocate My Meds, these Boehringer prescription assistance programs are made accessible to all. Our organization is raising awareness and helping qualifying patients enroll in these prescription assistance programs and get the financial help they need.

Patients interested in benefiting from the Boehringer prescription assistance program can do so by filling out the application on our website. Our team will review your application, achieve approval from the Pharmaceutical company’s program, and reach out to you. Once your application has been processed and approved, you can browse through our collection of over 1500 FDA-approved drugs and select the right medication for yourself.

At Advocate My Meds, we aim to simplify the prescription assistance process as much as we can. From getting your application approved to delivering your medications at your or your doctor’s office, we go all the way to ensure that our members feel valued and don’t have to struggle to get access to a basic necessity.

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