Why Prescription Assistance is Important for Mental Health Issues

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Why Prescription Assistance is Important for Mental Health Issues

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Many of the elements of today’s world are increasingly contributing to rising levels of mental health ilnesses. The situation has never been direr while treatment for them remains inadequate. In the U.S, half of the people with diagnosable mental illness have never received treatment.
There are a number of barriers in the healthcare system that stops people from seeking help. As a result, their mental health may further deteriorate. Prescription assistance provides an alternative way for people that can’t benefit from mainstream healthcare avenues.

Inadequate Mental Health Insurance Coverage


Despite the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, health insurance options in the U.S still don’t single out mental health coverage. In some health insurance plans, mental health is not even considered medical coverage.

Insurers are not covering mental health in their policies as well as they should. They often have an inadequate network and try to cut mental health costs altogether. As a result, insurance companies’ personnel go over mental health claims more strictly than ones for physical illness.

Difficulty in Qualifying For Coverage

Another aspect that makes insurance claims difficult is that the criteria to qualify for coverage are set too high. Someone with less severe mental health issues isn’t provided with medical care.

To minimize their costs, insurance companies put restrictive standards that make people unable to get the necessary medical coverage, and they fail to receive treatment for their condition.

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Workplace Discrimination

Even today, some people approach the topic of mental with contempt. There is a certain stigma associated with it which often leads to discrimination. Since health insurance is usually obtained through an employee benefits package, anyone with a history of mental illness may not receive fair treatment by their employer.

Employers may discriminate against their employees by passing them up for a promotion or questioning their methods despite the laws against this. There are laws to prevent this, but the process to report incidents takes time and money. This means that many employed professionals may hide their condition and don’t seek out treatment if their companies provide it.

Why You Should Register With a Patient Assistance Program

The solution to all these problems can be eliminated through acquiring entry in a Prescription Assistance Program (PAP). People who cannot afford medicine for their mental health conditions through insurance or are not comfortable with their procedures can go for medicines provided under PAP.

The medical treatment provided through PAP will usually cover the high cost of mental health medication without compromising on quality.

Our mental health needs to be given as much importance as our physical health gets. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.  Insurance companies often discriminate against mental health while the cost of medicine in mainstream healthcare providers is too high.

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