Frequently Asked Questions

What are Patient Assistance Programs?

These are programs set up by drug companies that offer free or low cost drugs to uninsured individuals who cannot afford their medication. Most brand name drugs are found in these programs. Companies offer these programs voluntarily; the government does not require them to provide free medicine.

Who is eligible for Patient Assistance Programs?

Each program has its own rules. Usually an individual must:
-Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident
-Have no prescription insurance coverage
-Have an income under 200% of the Federal Poverty Level

Do I have to pay for an application?

No, there is no charge for the application or to have your application reviewed by the company offering the medication. Some organizations charge a small fee to help you fill out the application, but you can do this on your own if you want.

Can i apply for these programs if I have medicare or Part D?

It depends on the company. Some companies will let people with Part D apply for their programs. Other companies may review applications on a case-by-case basis.

Is this Insurance?

No. This program is not an insurance product and is not affiliated with any Medicare, state, or governmental program.

Is there a limit to how many medications you will help me with?

No! There is no limit to the number of medications we will help you with.

What if i have a change in my medication?

You should contact Advocate My Meds to inform us of any changes to your medications including if your doctor has changed your dosage or frequency, added a new medication, or taken you off any medication we are assisting you with. We will assist in making the appropriate changes for future refills and assist you with new medications whenever possible.

Am I officially qualified and in the program if I have been pre-qualified or sent forms to sign?

Final approval is always up to each drug company. If you are denied, you or your doctor will be notified by the drug company. An appeal may be necessary to get qualified. If you receive a denial letter from a drug company, call Advocate My Meds and we will help. If you do not qualify and we cannot save you money, we will refund your money. See our refund policy for details.

What if i move, change doctors, my doctor moves, or I have other changes?

You need to notify Advocate My Meds immediately of any changes in address, phone number, email address, method of payment, bank or credit card changes, doctor’s name, doctor’s address, or doctors phone number.

Do I have to be a U.S. resident to access these programs?

Yes, most drug manufacturers require U.S. residency to qualify.

Where will medications be shipped?

This varies and is up to each drug company. Most ship to your doctor’s office but some will ship directly to your home, but there are exceptions.

How are refills handled?

After the initial approval and receipt of medications every company requires some sort of refill or re-authorization process usually after 2-3 months. At your request, we can monitor and complete this process for you.

What if i want to cancel your service?

You may cancel the service any time after enrollment with a minimum of 14 days notice in writing prior to the next billing cycle as banking systems require advance notice. For our patients’ protection, we would never want someone out of our program and stop processing their refills without written notification from the patient. Please submit a written cancellation notice including the patient’s address, telephone number, social security number (to verify we are canceling the correct person), reason for canceling, and the patient’s signature to Advocate My Meds.

Is my Monthly Service Fee for the Cost of my Medications?

No, the monthly fee you pay is for our services, not for the medications. Our job is to help facilitate the completion of the applications for the prescription assistance programs, assisting in the refill process, and to act as a liaison between you and the pharmaceutical companies. Many medications are offered for free through the manufacturing pharmaceutical companies assuming you meet their specific requirements.