The Importance of Being Able to Afford Healthcare

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The Importance of Being Able to Afford Healthcare

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Without affordable healthcare, the development of any country will be hampered. Other structures of a country rely heavily on a healthy workforce being able to run it. The economy won’t be able to progress without changes to the way things are currently done in the United States healthcare systems and improvements to patient assistance systems.


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Aging Populations

In the United States, the largest rise in population was right after WW2. Between the years 1946 and 1964, the baby boomer generation was born, and it’s still considered the largest generation in history. However, with that being 70 or so years ago, at this point, a lot of that generation is now retiring or is very close to retiring. This very large population of people is suddenly going to be without active income and will be at an age where they are most susceptible to diseases and illness.

Not having affordable healthcare will mean that the largest generation of people born is going to have to go without regular medical facilities. While not all of them are likely to be affected, a huge chunk of them will need active healthcare.

Insurance Doesn’t Cover Every Person

With regards to younger individuals, the argument may be laid that they have access to insurance from jobs or through private providers. However, the health insurance industry is riddled with problems in all directions. From third-party administrators slowly down payments to pre-existing conditions not being covered and the ever-rising rates of premiums, insurance policies as they are now can’t be the final solution. For a huge chunk of the population, private insurance isn’t even affordable, and government-supplied healthcare can be unreliable and change its coverage drastically under new management.

Doctor pointing at X-ray

Bankrupting People

Lastly, without affordable healthcare, a small but significant portion of the population will eventually go bankrupt trying to treat illnesses and diseases as they come up. Some treatments for simple diseases, like diabetes, can end up costing a lot of money. Without the ability to pay for it, many will attempt to sell off property or take loans and fall into debt just to stay alive and get treatment.

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