Fighting Diabetes Without Insurance: All You Need to Know

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Fighting Diabetes Without Insurance: All You Need to Know

A person holding a Glucose meter

Nearly 11% of the U.S population suffers from diabetes. It’s the 7th leading cause of death in America. The gravity of the disease makes the cost of getting treatment even higher. For an average person, the healthcare cost of diabetes is $16,752 a year, which is twice more than the average medical cost for any other disease.

The statistics are terrifying, and if the cost isn’t covered by insurance, it makes the situation even worse. However, you shouldn’t lose hope. There are ways through which you can fight the disease.


Community Health Screening

If the cost of going to a regular doctor for a routine check-up is too high, some communities offer free essential health screening services. They provide medical care to everyone regardless of their insurance status.

Community health camps are either state-sponsored or funded by not-for-profit organizations specifically designed to provide healthcare to everyone.

Insulin Samples

The daily use of insulin can make the cost of insulin too high to manage. When you visit your local health care provider, they may have insulin samples available in the office.

Be open with your physician about your situation. They can also change your formula or write a large prescription which reduces the cost of insulin, since you would then be purchasing in bulk.

Diabetes monitoring essentials including; Test strips, glucose meter and Pen

Prescription Assistance programs

Since diabetes requires lifelong treatment, you need an option that covers you for a more extended period. You may not always get the chance to go to community health centers, and insulin samples are bound to run out.

You may want to look out for our Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) that offers you high-quality medicine with little to no charges. The treatment of diabetes under PAP specifically makes insulin free and provides test strips and glucose meters. There are specific requirements for people wishing to get started with our diabetes PAP. After meeting those, you can avail your diabetes treatment without worrying about health insurance.

It may seem like your healthcare options are limited when you don’t have health insurance —that’s not always the case. There are other ways of getting medical coverage that you can look out for.

We at Advocate My Meds care about your health. Our Prescription Assistance Program provides you with high-quality medicine from Janssen, Johnson’s, or GlaxoSmithKline patient assistance.

Contact us to learn more about our program.