As the Price of Medication Rises, Assistance Programs Step In

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As the Price of Medication Rises, Assistance Programs Step In

Price of Medication

The price of medication has clearly always been an issue for uninsured or underinsured people in America. That is why companies like Advocate My Meds exist. It is a problem for many people to get the medication they need on the budget they are on. It is often the people with the lowest income who have the biggest problem paying for their meds, even though they have the same health issues as people with a higher income than they do.

As the Price of Medication Rises, People Are Left Wondering How to Afford What They Need

According to AARP’s Director of Health Services and Research, Leigh Purvis, major increases in drug prices are happening across the U.S. Both brand name and generic drugs are affected, so once easy-to-obtain drugs are now getting harder and harder to afford. In a recent news article out of Houston, one leukemia patient discusses how he still works long hours simply to afford his expensive medication.

He says: “A one month supply and it costs $10,200.00. I have to take one pill a day to stay alive. Lately, I have really been questioning what my life is worth.”

It’s unfair and sad to think that people in need of a daily medication to allow them to live are struggling with the cost. AARP’s Purvis adds, “I think we are rapidly approaching a point where people are going to be completely unable to access the drugs they need to get and stay healthy. We’re going to have more and more people facing the prospect of not treating perfectly treatable conditions.”

The cost of many medications like allergy medications and insulin have risen 400 percent over the past decade. In some extreme cases, the percent it has risen is in the thousands. What happens is that people become slaves to their drug, and can’t afford anything else. In some cases, people may even forgo taking their medication simply because they can’t pay to access it. It’s putting a dollar sign on a healthy life.

Advocate My Meds Can Help With the Price of Medication

Programs like Advocate My Meds help qualifying patients reduce their worries about the cost of medication so that they can breathe easier. While we do have certain requirements for the people we help, seeing if you qualify is easy, fast, and free.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who struggles with paying for your medication and you need assistance, contact us today!