Mental Health and Prescription Assistance

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Mental Health and Prescription Assistance

Mental health treatments

As more people become aware of mental health problems and illnesses, it becomes more apparent that better treatment needs to be provided for it. With the way the current healthcare system runs, it can be difficult getting mental health treatments. We look into the causes for worsened mental health and how prescription assistance can help.

Mental health treatments

The Cost of Mental Health Treatments

Mental health management is an important part of any person’s life and is required for them to function normally and live life happily. Mental health treatment has previously gotten a bad reputation, but as the taboo and stigma associated with mental health problems decreases, people should be able to access treatments more often and much more easily, and in some cases, they actually do.

However, the financial aspect of mental health treatment still manages to prevent a lot of people from receiving healthcare for it. Partly due to the previous views associated with mental health diseases and treatments, it’s often not commonly covered by most healthcare providers. This put a significant burden on people suffering from these illnesses to cover the cost of treatment themselves.

Link Between Mental Health and Affordable Healthcare

Mental health is often tied to financial security for most people. Many find that low financial or economic security makes their mental health worse. Bad financial conditions can even cause mental health disorders in people who are otherwise healthy and functioning properly.

When financial insecurity is coupled with illnesses and diseases, things can begin to seem hopeless to many people. Not being able to afford medication that is life-saving or necessary for regular functioning can affect the mental conditions of any patient and can lead to depressive episodes and even suicidal idealization and tendencies in more extreme cases.


medication for mental health

How Prescription Assistance Can Help

While some health insurance providers may add mental health treatments, they often charge a very high premium or dismiss cases based on pre-existing conditions. Prescription assistance programs can help make it easier to receive free or subsidized medication for mental health treatments prescribed by professionals. Through these programs, patients can receive brand-name medications from big pharmaceutical companies to help with their treatments without breaking their banks.

For those in need of a prescription assistance program, look no further than our services at Advocate My Meds. Our team provides patient assistance with several different large pharmaceuticals to help all eligible patients receive their necessary meds. Examples include Merck patient assistance and Sanofi patient assistance. Get in touch to find out more.