3 Things to Know About the COVID 19 Vaccine

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3 Things to Know About the COVID 19 Vaccine

Person receiving the vaccine

Finally, after over a year with the coronavirus shutting down most of the world, the COVID 19 vaccine is being provided to Americans all over the country.

We will take a look at different aspects of the vaccine and discuss if this will also require a prescription assistance program to get a dose.


Person receiving the vaccine


The main aim of the COVID 19 vaccine is to help create immunity in our bodies to both recognize the virus and prevent us from being affected by it. The vaccine works in two doses that are implemented 2 weeks apart from each other, after which the vaccine becomes fully effective.

This means that it is entirely possible to get the first dose of the vaccine and still contract the coronavirus before the second dose has been delivered. For this reason, we suggest staying safe and not meeting with people unnecessarily, even if you did get your first shot.

Safety and Side Effects

The COVID 19 vaccine is safe for use and administration. In fact, since December 2020, 230 million doses of the vaccine have been given out to individuals across the United States. The vaccines have been tested through multiple clinical trials, including human trials where thousands of people volunteered to receive the vaccine.

There are certain side effects to the vaccine, like getting a headache, fevers, nausea, or tiredness and muscle pain. However, none of these are dangerous or life-threatening. Many of these are even side effects to medication we might already be taking. The vaccine also cannot give you the coronavirus, as some people may fear.

Person holding a syringe

Cost and Availability

Luckily for us, the vaccine is quite easily available in the United States, especially compared to many other countries around the world. As it’s a vaccination for a virus that is both life-threatening and pandemic-inducing, it’s available across the country without any charge. The areas in which the vaccine is available will keep increasing slowly, and most doctors, hospitals, and clinics will be able to administer the vaccine soon enough.

As the vaccine is without cost, thankfully, millions of Americans will be able to benefit from it without a worry. However, the same cannot be said for a lot of other life-saving medicines. At Advocate My Meds, we provide full-service prescription assistance for a number of different name brand companies, like Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer patient assistance. Get in touch with us to find out more.