Are Medication Prices Keeping You from Getting Treatment?

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Are Medication Prices Keeping You from Getting Treatment?

Are Medication Prices Keeping You from Getting Treatment?

When medications aren’t taken, they can’t be expected to work. And, while there are thousands of medications which can help to improve quality of life by providing needed symptom relief and even cures, many who are affected by health issues don’t take their needed medication. And, the only reason is that medication prices are outrageous. In a day and time where almost half of the entire population has at least one medication prescribed, it’s hard to believe that so many people don’t get the treatment they need. But, unfortunately, the sad truth is that the financial burden medical treatments keep people from getting the medical solution they desperately need. And, as a result, individuals are either dying from their medical conditions or experiencing life-altering side effects from abruptly or ineffectively stopping the use of treatment.

Statistics on People Who Skip Treatment Due to Medication Prices

It’s no small number of people who are skipping their treatments due to medication prices. In fact, according to data offered by the National Health Interview Survey, in 2013, there were millions of Americans skipping their medications due to financial issues. Other statistics from the configured data include:

  • 8% of American adult citizens neglected to take prescriptions due to medication prices
  • 15.1% of American adult citizens asked to switch to a cheaper, generic brand medication
  • 1.6% adults didn’t take medications because they bought them from another country
  • 4.2% of Americans surveyed used holistic therapies as a substitute for prescription medication
  • Individuals aged 18-64 are at twice the risk to neglect taking medications than older individuals
  • Individuals who make under the federal poverty level are the highest at risk to not take medications due to pricing

The Problem with Not Taking Medications

It’s easy to understand why people who can’t afford medications don’t take them. Even those who have insurance which covers prescription costs may not be able to afford the deductible that goes with claiming medications. And, while almost half of the country has been prescribed one prescription medication, over 11% of American citizens are prescribed five or more drugs. This means that some of the people not able to afford their medications don’t just have one medical issue; they have many. The result of not taking medications can be dire, resulting in other medical issues like stroke or heart attack. And, not to mention the inevitable hospital fees from emergency room visits when adverse reactions occur due to stopping medication abruptly.

Are You Skipping Your Prescriptions Due to Medication Prices?

If you are one of the many that are skipping your medications due to their high prices, you’re not alone. And, there is help for you. In fact, through the services we provide at Advocate My Meds, for a small monthly charge, you could be eligible to get your medications completely covered. Or, at least discounted largely. To offer individuals these great savings, we utilize over 700 patient assistance programs which have been put in place to help people in your exact position. In fact, there are even qualifications to prove that you cannot afford your medications and are part of the 8% of the population struggling to get medical treatment. To find out if you qualify and if we cover your brand name or even generic medication, visit our website today. Or, give us a call to speak with an experienced representative now at 877-596-1604.