Living on a Budget Part 2

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Living on a Budget Part 2

living on a budget

Have you ever had to deny an invite or cancel plans because you couldn’t afford it? Sitting at home on a weekend night can be extremely boring, but very cheap. There are lots of different things to do in the community that are low price are maybe even free. All you have to do is a little research…

Entertainment Discounts

Many places have discounts on certain days of the week. A local Movie Theater might have one day a week where the tickets are cheaper or offer discount for students or matinees. If you do decide to go to the movies on a budget, stay away from the theater on the weekends. They raise the prices and tickets can cost up to $17. It is also a good idea to look in the magazine ads for concession stand coupons.

If you are spending money on buying books, movies and television shows, you should stop wasting your money. The library has all of those free to rent. They are even up to date on new release movies. A library card is free, and renting entertainment is also free. They have video games too, but those usually cost between $1-2 to rent for two weeks.

There is a section at the library for events in the city. You can also find this information online. They are things like workshops you can attend, kid friendly activities and more. These are fun things to do that do not require a lot of money.


Prescription medicine can get costly, with or without insurance, but there are options. Asking your doctor is a generic drug is available as well as discount cards that may be also be available. Some pharmacies have different prices for the same drug. Supermarkets, or discount centers may be cheaper than your local pharmacy.

Clothing Outlets

Clothing stores have outlets that have discount designer brands for cheaper prices. The same thing that maybe sold at a store in the mall can be found at places like Beall’s Outlet, or stores like Ross and Marshall’s.

Thrift stores also can have great items for less than half the price. People donate all types of clothing and get resold at the store. You can find quality furniture, decorations for the house as well as kitchen accessories there. There are outlets nearby to test the electrical equipment.

No matter where you go for entertainment or to purchase goods, there are options to save money. Every dollar counts when you are on a budget and adds up in the long run.