Holiday Meal Planning for Diabetics

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Holiday Meal Planning for Diabetics

Meal planning for diabetics

Meal planning for diabetics can be hard enough, let alone during the holiday season of indulgence and massive amounts of foods and drinks. The good news is that it isn’t impossible and can be done with a little bit of the right pre-planning. It is all about managing what you eat and drink, and making sure your medication is available and in god supply at all times. If you are having trouble getting your medication due to the cost, Advocate My Meds can help.

Holiday Tips When Meal Planning for Diabetes

You can enjoy the holidays without endangering your health or putting yourself in unnecessary risk. It’s always important to remember that while there will be a lot of food present, the holidays are a time to enjoy yourself with friends and family and be grateful for the joys that life has brought you.

Here are some tips to stay healthy:

  • If you are hosting, that makes things a lot easier. Serve food you can eat, and make sure to stay full on the right things so that you don’t get tempted to indulge in something else.
  • If you are going to a party, feel free to let the host know that you have diabetes. They may offer to make something for you, or you can bring something of your own.
  • Educate yourself as much as possible so that you know what is safe for you to eat before you go. The more you know, the better you will be able to keep yourself safe and healthy.
  • Focus on the company around you, and not just the food. Just because it is the holidays doesn’t mean you need to eat until you feel – or get – sick.
  • Practice moderation so that you don’t overindulge. Make yourself one plate of food and stick to it so that you can keep track of what you are eating.
  • If you drink alcohol, make sure not to overdo it. Make sure to be aware of how alcohol impacts your body when you do drink.
  • Be aware of your blood glucose. Regulating your numbers will help prevent a trip to the doctor or hospital.

Holiday parties are all over the place – work, school, family, and friends. There’s no need to skip out just because you are a diabetic. Simply be aware of what you are doing before hand, and make sure you have a solid plan for your own health and well-being. If you are travelling, make sure to bring all the medication you need to avoid skipping doses or not measuring your insulin. Be mindful, plan ahead, and most of all have fun!