Care Tips for Type 2 Diabetic People

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Care Tips for Type 2 Diabetic People

Care Tips for Type 2 Diabetic People

Diabetes should not be taken lightly. Caring for diabetes helps to reduce risk of complications that may occur as a result. Here are some of the ways you can take care of a diabetic person. Here are tips for type 2 diabetic people.

Healthy Diet

A proper balance diet tends to delay and even prevent the intake of insulin altogether. It also helps to reduce weight which helps to keep the sugar levels in control. Dieticians can provide with a proper plan for Type 2 Diabetes by keeping your food preferences in mind. Monitoring glucoses levels, especially before meals or as suggested by the physician, is also important.

Taking Care of Feet

A high blood sugar can cause damage to the nerves in feet because of which the affected person may not always be able to feel an injury or infection until the condition exacerbates. Checking feet daily for blisters and sores will help to prevent foot problems. Cleaning feet and keeping them moisturized is also essential.


An exercise routine helps to reduce weight and keep the blood sugar level in control. Even a brisk walk helps to maintain glucose levels. But remember to consume sugar free beverages to remain hydrated.


If exercising and diet plan are not able to keep the sugar levels in acceptable range, then you may be prescribed oral medications which must be consumed timely. And if the oral medications are not sufficient then the diabetic person may have to inject insulin. The Diabetes RX assistance provides financial assistance and medication help for this condition.

Consuming Alcohol and Smoking

Drinking alcohol can cause the blood sugar level to fluctuate. So if you consume alcohol then always do so in moderation and only to supplement meals. Smoking complicates various diabetic conditions such as reducing the circulation of blood in feet and legs, kidney diseases, nerve damages, eye diseases and cardiovascular problems. So consult with your doctor to discover how to stop smoking or consuming alternative, less harmful types of tobacco.

Sufficient Sleep

Diabetic people are in need of proper sleep more than others. Sleeplessness and insufficient sleep worsens the blood sugar control. Consult your doctor for your sleep related issues. The sleeping problems may be a resultant of another medical condition which should be identified and treated accordingly.


Increased blood sugar makes the immune system weak so you may need to talk to your doctor about the vaccinations that are necessary for you. Some of these are: flu vaccines, hepatitis B vaccines, pneumonia vaccines and tetanus shots.

Keeping Blood Pressure and Cholesterol in Control

High blood pressure and high cholesterol also causes damage to the blood vessels. Coupled with diabetes, both these conditions can have more adverse effects leading to a stroke or a heart attack. You may even have to take prescription medications for these conditions.

Eye and Dental Examinations

Diabetes makes teeth vulnerable to gum diseases. While brushing and flossing is important, regular checkups are also important. Get your eyes tested at least once annually for cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal damage.