4 Medical Conditions Diabetics Need to Be Careful About

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4 Medical Conditions Diabetics Need to Be Careful About


Are you diabetic? Good news is, it’s not all doom if you are cautious about your condition and taking measures to keep it under control. Bad news is that your diabetes is not the only disease you need to be on the guards about. Diabetes puts patients at an increased risk of several medical complications that may prove fatal if not properly cared for. We are listing some of the most serious ones below.

Loss of Vision

Imagine the world going dark. Diabetes may cause growth of abnormal blood vessels or blockades in the retina. This leads to problematic vision, and possible blindness. Diabetics are also prone to other serious eye diseases like glaucoma and cataract.

It is suggested that diabetics get complete eye examination done at least once every year. Any blurriness or odd spots in the eyes should be immediately reported.

Damage to Nerves

Neuropathies or nerve disorders are another problem common to diabetics. If fatty deposits are clogging your blood vessels, narrowing them, your nerves are at a greater risk of getting damaged. This is caused due to the lack of oxygen that your nerves need for nourishment. There may be other factors like inflammation that cause nerve damage.

Diabetics usually face symptoms like numbness, pain, digestive problems, nausea, constipation, and sexual dysfunction that indicate towards nerve damage. Quit drinking alcohol, and smoking – they put diabetics at a greater risk of developing diabetic neuropathy.

Stroke and/or Heart Diseases

Diabetes leads to buildup of fatty deposits in your nerves. This causes blood vessels clog and harden up, and increases your chances of contracting heart diseases or suffering a stroke.

However, the condition does not put everyone at the same risk. People who have been suffering from diabetes for over 15 years have higher chances of heart related problems. Problems with blood circulation during increased activity, and pain in legs after walking indicate to heart problems.

Kidney Problems

Diabetes ranks among the leading causes of kidney failure. About 50% of the total diabetes population report early signs of kidney related issues. The ones that have a genetic history, or a chronic high blood pressure problem, run a greater risk of kidney failure with diabetes – because abnormally high blood pressures speed up the process of kidney disease development. Hypertension, and stress over medical conditions only worsens the cycle for the patient.

In order to reduce the risk of contracting kidney related diseases, patients need to get their blood pressure regularly checked. Also the doctor needs to be consulted for control measures, and medications appropriate for the condition. Avoiding diets high in protein and maintaining a blood pressure within the 130/80 limit can help. And do not miss out on getting regular urine tests.

It is imperative for diabetes patients to maintain general good health. They need to control the levels of blood sugar, in addition to maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure. Regular medical check-ups can help one achieve that.