Insulin Rx Financial Assistance

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Insulin Rx Financial Assistance

insulin rx

The high cost of prescription drugs deter many individuals from receiving the life- saving medication they need to live long productive lives. Although, most pharmacies throughout the United States offer some medications for free, through a private or government funded programs, most medications are not free. In fact, a single medication prescription can cause $100s of dollars to fill each time.

At Advocate My Meds, we help individuals find solutions to their prescription problems. Millions of Americans suffer needlessly, due to financial hardship, lack of medical care, and their inability to purchase a single prescription that can ultimately add quality and longevity to their existence.

Long- Term Medical Conditions

Such diseases as diabetes and hypertension are silent killers. These two diseases rob people of the functionality of their organs. In some of the most severe cases, diabetics lose their limbs or their eyesight, when the disease has gotten out of control. Medications like Humalog, Lantus, and Novolog. These are insulin type medications which are available in injectable format.

Insulin RX Medication

Insulin or injectable drugs provide the quickest path for medication to enter the body, and control blood sugar. People who can’t afford to purchase their diabetic medication often feels the effects of not taking the drug. The problem is not taking the drug, but more of not being able to afford the drug. Humalog normally costs more than $500 for a single prescription. Although, some pharmacies charges a bit more than $400, which is still extremely expensive.

Lantus, another insulin medication costs around $500, but with a coupon individuals can pay more than $400 for their prescription. The same is true of Novolog. Even with manufacturer’s coupons and discount savings, the cost of these three prescriptions are extremely costly. At The Rx Helper, we offer medication assistance for dozens of diabetic medications.

Advocate My Meds Program Benefits

Our program helps to qualify individuals not only for discounts, but for free medication. That’s right, free, no cost life- saving medication that can extend, and increase longevity. We form a relationship with doctors, pharmacies, healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, and communities, for the purpose of helping individuals obtain affordable medication. Through our efforts, we have helped millions of people get the medication they need for free.

This is not a one-time offer for free medication help. Qualifying individuals can get their prescription filled each month, without paying a dime. We understand that recurring medication for diabetes and other health related, life- threatening conditions need to be taken on a daily basis. Gaps between medications can mean serious consequences that can lead to hospitalization, loss of limbs and even death.

We aim to help control the severity of these diseases, by offering individuals a solution to obtaining their medication. Affordability is the number one reason why individuals are not filling their prescriptions or taking their medication. Our program screen people and help us determine who has the greatest need. The qualifying process is simple. Individuals in need of life- saving diabetic insulin should complete our application to get started.