8 Diseases to Protect Your Infants Against in 2023

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8 Diseases to Protect Your Infants Against in 2023

Infant diseases you should keep your children safe from

For parents, protecting their children’s health is always a top priority. As new pathogens keep popping up, the number of diseases to keep your child safe also keeps increasing. Here are the eight infant diseases you should keep your children safe from in 2023.


Influenza, or the flu, seems like no big deal to us because of how common it is now, but it can cause serious complications, particularly for children. Influenza can cause pneumonia, dehydration and even lead to the need for hospitalization.

The best way to protect your child from the flu is to make sure they receive the flu vaccine once they are old enough to get it.


Pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, is a highly contagious respiratory illness that can be very dangerous for young kids.

Infants are particularly vulnerable to pertussis, as the illness can cause severe coughing spells that can lead to difficulty breathing and, in serious situations, even death. The pertussis vaccine is recommended for all infants, and it is important to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with your child is also up-to-date on their pertussis vaccine.


Measles is a viral disease that is highly contagious and can cause some serious complications: from pneumonia and encephalitis to even death.

To keep your child safe from measles, ensure they are vaccinated and that everyone they come in contact with is vaccinated.

Vaccines can keep your infant safe from many diseases


Mumps is also a contagious viral illness characterized by the swelling of salivary glands, fever, and muscle aches. In some serious cases, mumps can lead to major complications like meningitis and encephalitis, which can be very dangerous. Some cases of mumps also result in deafness.

The mumps vaccine is very important for all children.


Rubella, also known as German measles, is a viral illness that causes rashes, fever, and joint pain. Rubella is contagious and can become very dangerous for children and pregnant women since it can cause defects in the body. Protect your child from rubella by getting them vaccinated.


Rotavirus is a virus that causes diarrhea, vomiting, and fever in infants. This can become very dangerous for children since it can result in dehydration, and your child may need to be hospitalized. Children should be vaccinated against rotavirus to stay safe.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a contagious viral illness that can cause liver damage and cancer. Children are usually at risk of hepatitis B if their mother is infected. The vaccine for hepatitis B is available, and children should receive it at an early age.

Pneumococcal Disease

Pneumococcal disease is a bacterial infection that can cause pneumonia, meningitis, and bloodstream infections. The pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for all infants.

Despite preventative efforts, sometimes our kids can end up contracting these diseases and need medication for treatment. Advocate My Meds helps with full-service prescription assistance programs by getting funding and financing to provide these medicines to those who need them.

If your child needs medicines for any of these illnesses, contact us now and let us help!