Answering Common ?s about Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

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Answering Common ?s about Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

Answering Common ?s about Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

If you’re like the rest of America’s citizens, chances are you have a prescription for at least one medication. And, just as others, you may be struggling to pay for the cost of this prescription or other prescribed treatments. Health insurance is expensive. Additionally, many Americans are no longer eligible for their preferred health insurance. This is due to previous medical history which disqualifies them for PPOs and affordable marketplace deductibles. But, there is a solution to high priced medications and minimal or no health insurance–prescription drug assistance programs. It’s normal to have questions about programs that can help completely cover or severely discount the cost of your medications. So, in this article, we attempt to answer the most common questions new enrollees have about our programs.

What are Prescription Drug Assistance Programs?

Prescription drug assistance programs are programs specifically designed to help individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford prescription medications do so. They are offered by a number of nonprofit organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers as an effort to reduce the number of individuals who are unable to receive medical treatment. Currently, there are over 700 patient assistance programs, and they are all free to utilize.

How Do I Know if I’m Qualified for Prescription Drug Assistance Programs?

Since there are over 700 of these programs, the eligibility requirements may differ with each. But, for the most part, they all expect applicants to have some of the same characteristics. These eligibility characteristics include:

  • Citizenship of the United States
  • Above the age of 18
  • Annual income below the federal poverty level
  • Minimal or no prescription coverage through insurance
  • Prescription for medication covered under the program

To view the requirements to be eligible in terms of the federal poverty level, visit our website.

What is the Difference between Prescription Drug Assistance Programs and Advocate My Meds?

It’s true that you could search high and low for the patient assistance programs which cover the cost of your medications. And, you could apply for each one separately. But, if you utilize the service provided by Advocate My Meds, you’ll have pre-approved access to receive discounted or completely covered prescriptions for ALL 700+ patient assistance programs. That means you can receive discounts for any of the hundreds of medications listed on our website with just one application. Not only does our program allow you to take advantage of all programs at once, but we also make the application and renewal process easy! You can even fill out the complete application on your home computer! While other companies require you to come up with paperwork and information yourself, we help you every step of the way. Our 24/7 team of supportive staff is always here to answer any question you may have as well as walk you through the application. So, the real advantages to enrolling into prescription assistance programs with Advocate My Meds are access to hundreds of medications, no-hassle application and renewal, and a dedicated customer care staff at your beck and call.

How are Refills Handled with Advocate My Meds’ Program?

Undoubtedly, another benefit to choosing to go through Advocate My Meds for your prescription drug assistance program is the refill process. Many prescription medications need refilling every few months. And, this would normally require a visit to your doctor’s office. But, with Advocate My Meds, when you give us the permission, we can handle this process for you. And, when your refills are accepted, your medication will resume shipment to your home or doctor’s office.

Ready to Enroll into Our Prescription Drug Assistance Program Service?

Do you have one or a number of prescription medications eligible for a price reduction or coverage through patient assistance programs? Fill out the application today and start receiving discounts or coverage on your expensive prescription medications ASAP! Call Advocate My Meds to speak with an experienced staff member now at 877-596-1604.