Save Money on the Mealtime Insulin Afrezza Inhaler

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Save Money on the Mealtime Insulin Afrezza Inhaler

Save Money on the Mealtime Insulin Afrezza Inhaler

If you struggle with high blood sugar, you may find that taking your mealtime insulin is something that you don’t necessarily look forward to. What if you could take your mealtime insulin by simply using an inhaler? Now, patients who suffer from high blood sugar spikes have a different option. The Afrezza inhaler is the only FDA approved insulin inhaler for mealtime insulin. If your doctor prescribes you with the Afrezza inhaler, Advocate My Meds may be able to discount or cover the cost of your medication if you qualify for our programs.

Why Do I Need Mealtime Insulin?

Patients diagnosed with diabetes have bodies that do not produce enough insulin, or have bodies that do not utilize insulin effectively. Insulin is a naturally produced hormone that allows the body to break down glucose, or sugar, so that it can be used from the food that you digest. Without insulin in those with diabetes, a blood sugar spike or decrease may occur, which can damage blood vessels and lead to stroke. Mealtime insulin helps the body to break down sugars as they are digested so that blood sugar spikes or decreases don’t occur as a result of eating a meal.

What is Inhaled Insulin?

Mealtime insulin is usually administered in the form of injection, given just before meals. The Afrezza inhaler offers a different approach, an inhaled insulin. The obvious benefit of this administration is that it is painless. Additionally, it is super fast acting; taking as less time at 12 minutes to peak its full potential and lasting up to 3 hours. This means that you’ll be able to start eating faster and get to wait longer before eating if desired. In clinical trials, the Afrezza inhaler controlled insulin levels just as well as injected mealtime insulin.

Getting a Prescription for the Afrezza Inhaler

If you are already taking a mealtime insulin injection or your doctor has recently told you that you may have to have a prescription for a mealtime insulin medication, as him or her if a prescription for the Afrezza inhaler is right for your mealtime insulin plan. Remember, your doctor will only prescribe you with the medication that he or she thinks will respond to your body best, and offer you the most benefits. If your doctor prescribes you with the Afrezza inhaler, Advocate My Meds may be able to help you pay for it!

Getting Discounts on the Afrezza Inhaler

Once your doctor has prescribed you with the Afrezza inhaler, you can find out if Advocate My Meds can help you pay for it! We offer prescription medication discounts for patients who would otherwise have difficulty paying for their treatments. Millions of Americans are unable to afford the cost of their needed medications due to the rising high costs of both medication and healthcare plans. We are able to offer discounts through patient assistance programs offered by certain prescription manufacturers or non-profit organizations. Since there are over 700 patient assistance programs offered throughout the country, it is difficult to find the ones that help. That’s where we come in, offering help by getting patients enrolled into the proper assistance programs that are right for them, and getting them the most money back on their prescriptions as possible.

Eligibility for Afrezza Inhaler Discounts

Because patient assistance programs are meant for people that cannot afford their medications unless they receive financial help, there are qualifications for enrollment. Those that will be qualified to enroll include:

  • Patients with a prescription for at least 3 months of one of the medications listed on our website
  • Patients who are over 18 years old
  • Patients who are United States of America citizens
  • Patients who have an annual income below the federal guideline of poverty, which can be viewed on our website

Think that you may be eligible to enroll? Enrollment is made easy and can be done online or by calling Advocate My Meds at 877-596-1604.