Have an Anemic Condition? Get Help Paying for Medication

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Have an Anemic Condition? Get Help Paying for Medication

Have an Anemic Condition? Get Help Paying for Medication

Patients diagnosed with an anemic condition are likely to be provided a prescription medication to help with red blood cell counts by their physician. Unfortunately, for many of Americans, these medications are challenging to afford. We at Advocate My Meds understand how important your prescription to treat your anemic condition is, and that you need to obtain this medication to retain or manage health. Without being able to afford treatment, many individuals are left skipping doses of their medications or forgoing treatment completely, which can lead to even greater and less manageable health issues. We believe that everyone who is affected by health issues in our country should be able to have access to afford them, which is why we offer our services that provide discounts and coverage for individuals who would otherwise not be able to attain prescription medications for their anemic condition or another medical ailment.

What is an Anemic Condition?

Anemia is a medical condition of which an individual’s blood does not possess high enough levels of either red blood cells, hemoglobin, or oxygen. Since anemia is the most commonly diagnosed blood disorder in our country, everyone is at risk for developing it; no matter the age, environment, or gender of an individual. Since there are over 400 different anemic conditions, there are just as many prescription treatments. One medication that treats a few varieties of these conditions is Procrit, which is one of the hundreds of medications that Advocate My Meds helps patients afford through patient assistance programs.

About the Procrit Prescription Medication

Procrit is a prescription anemic condition medication that is administered through IV or through injection. It is a synthetic medication made to mirror erythropoietin, which is a natural element found in the body that helps to produce red blood cells. Increasing the number of red blood cells produced from bone marrow helps to increase hemoglobin levels and reduce an anemic patient’s chance of needing a blood transfusion.

What Anemic Condition is Procrit Used to Treat?

Procrit is used to treat specific kinds of anemic conditions that are caused by red blood cells that have been destroyed. Other types of anemic conditions not treated by Procrit include those of which caused by a loss of blood or the inability to produce a functional amount red blood cells. Specific individuals who are prescribed Procrit include:

  • Patients who have been diagnosed with kidney disease and are either on or off a dialysis treatment
  • Patients who have talked to their doctor and scheduled to receive chemotherapy treatment in the next two months
  • Patients who have an anemic condition caused by HIV treatment
  • Patients who are expected to lose blood quantity caused by serious upcoming surgery

Need Help Paying for a Procrit Prescription for your Anemic Condition?

If you have an anemic condition, ask your physician if Procrit is right for you. If you obtain a prescription for Procrit, or already have one, you may be eligible to receive prescription discounts or coverage through Advocate My Meds. We provide our discount services by utilizing over 700 patient assistance programs, offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers and non-profit organizations. These patient assistance programs offer discounts or coverage for hundreds or different prescriptions. Once a patient is eligible and enrolled in our program, they are eligible to receive discounts on any of the medications covered by these patient assistance programs. As long as you are enrolled in the program, have prescriptions for the medications you need discounting, and your medications are listed on our website as available to receive discounts, you are good!

Our programs are designed to help individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford their prescription medications due to little or no health insurance coverage. Since they are designed for these individuals specifically, this is a qualification for enrollment. Other qualifications for enrollment include being a United States citizen, over 18 years of age, and having an annual income that meets the criteria for federal poverty levels based on household numbers. To review these qualifications of enrollment or enroll yourself, visit our website or give us a call today to have your questions answered by one of our experience employees at 877-596-1604.