Everything You Need To Know About Getting a Nasonex Prescription Discount

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Everything You Need To Know About Getting a Nasonex Prescription Discount

Help with the Cost of Nasonex

What is Nasonex?

Are you wondering about the usage, symptoms and available prescription discount of Nasonex? Nasonex is a medication utilized to relieve symptoms of seasonal and yearly nasal allergies in patients. In 1997, Nasonex was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for public consumption with prescription. It contains the steroid mometasone that helps keep inflammation from occurring. Nasonex is an easy-to-use nasal spray that administers medicine directly to the affected area. The spray is operated by a manual pump that can be sprayed twice in both nostrils two times daily.

Nasonex can be used to treat symptoms in patients ages 2 and up. It may only be used in the treatment of nasal polyps in adults ages 18 and up.

Nasonex is prescribed to treat:

  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • Yearly allergic rhinitis
  • Nasal polyps
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Itching
  • Congestion

Potential Side Effects of Nasonex:

Side effects that are commonly associated with Nasonex are anxiety, depression, tired feeling, cough, flu-like symptoms, unending nosebleed, weight gain, and mouth sores. In rare cases, Nasonex has been known to cause severe swelling of the tongue, lips, and cheeks. Some have experienced problems with slowly healing wounds as a side effect of Nasonex.

Nasonex is an immunosuppressant, which means that it can lower your immune system’s chance to fight off disease. It is important to remember to stay away from anyone who has a contagious disease when using Nasonex.

If you currently are prescribed and take Nasonex and experience any of the listed side effects, alert your doctor right away. It may take up to two weeks of using Nasonex before you experience relief of allergy symptoms. If you use Nasonex, you should make your doctor aware before having any procedures performed.

Side effects of Nasonex usually occur in patients who have used the medication for a long period of time or by incorrect dosage.

Help with the Cost of Nasonex

It is not well known that some pharmaceutical companies provide medication relief programs known as Prescription Assistance Programs. The Rx Solution is here to help patients who can’t afford their medication. At The Rx Solution, we help low income patients and patients who do not have 100% prescription drug insurance coverage be able to acquire their medications for a prescription discount.

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