Getting Discounts on your Rosacea Topical Treatment

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Getting Discounts on your Rosacea Topical Treatment

Getting Discounts on your Rosacea Topical Treatment

Rosacea is a medical condition that can be emotionally debilitating. Fortunately, Rosacea topical treatment can be utilized to reduce the symptoms of this ailment through the prescription of a physician. But, for many Americans with this condition, a prescription Rosacea topical treatment may be too costly to afford. Advocate My Meds believes that individuals diagnosed with Rosacea should be able to afford the costs of their treatment. We provide discounts on prescription Rosacea topical treatment for individuals who would otherwise be unable to pay the high costs of these medications.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic condition in which individuals diagnosed experience redness of the skin usually located on or around the face area. These periods of redness are often flare-ups that are triggered by either lifestyle or other elements. If Rosacea is not treated, it can develop into further problems including developed bumps and sores on the face and extreme discomfort and watering of the eyes. This progressed condition is known as rhinophyma. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for the condition and even though there has been research on the topic, no known cause of the disease is known either. But, with treatment, remission is possible and flare-ups are less frequent. Additionally, prescription Rosacea topical treatment can help to reduce the risk of developing rhinophyma.

Symptoms of Rosacea

If you think that you or a loved one may be experiencing symptoms of Rosacea, there are a few things that you can look out for before getting an accurate diagnosis from your doctor. Symptoms of Rosacea may include:

  • Redness of the face, neck, and/or chest also known as flushing
  • Bumps filled with pus resembling pimples along with redness
  • Increased visibility of blood vessels on the blushing skin
  • Redness, irritation, and watering of the eyes
  • Dry and rough skin of the face, neck, and/or chest
  • Burning and agitation of the reddened face skin
  • Scarring of the nose and face skin
  • Developed reddened areas that are raised, known as plaques
  • Swelling of the affected areas

Triggers of Rosacea

There is no known cause for the development of Rosacea, but there are a few triggers that are known for causing the frequency of flare-ups. Triggers for Rosacea flare ups may include:

  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Extreme dry, cold, or hot temperatures
  • Skin care methods which may dry the skin
  • Family lineage
  • Extreme levels of stress and anxiety
  • Lack of or too much exercise
  • Specific medications like Demodex

The Emotional Effects of Rosacea

Undoubtedly, more than the pain itself, the most damaging symptoms of being diagnosed with Rosacea are emotional. According to surveys done by the prescription Rosacea topical treatment Soolantra, 76% of people diagnosed with the disorder admitted to having lower self-confidence because of the condition. Additionally, 60% of people diagnosed with the condition report that the condition affects professional relationships and interactions. So, not only does treatment help to stop the condition from progressing and to reduce pain, but it can even help with social issues that arise as a result of developing the condition.

The Prescription Rosacea Topical Treatment: Soolantra Cream

Soolantra Cream is a prescription medication used in the treatment of Rosacea. Patients prescribed with the medication simply apply the cream to the affected areas once daily. After application, individuals can even apply their makeup right over the applied medication. In clinical trials, most patients saw reduced symptoms of Rosacea in as little as two weeks. By week 12 of clinical trials, 75% of patients experience reduced symptoms of Rosacea. To see real before and after pictures of patients who have experience positive results as a result of a prescription for Soolantra Cream, visit their website.

Paying for your Prescription Rosacea Topical Treatment

Although treatment is effective, many individuals diagnosed with the condition are unable to afford the cost of their Rosacea topical treatment. The medication is only available through prescription, and many people do not have insurance that covers the cost of prescription medications. For these individuals, nonprofit organizations and large pharmaceutical manufacturers have come up with relief programs known as patient assistance programs. Advocate My Meds works by matching these programs with individuals who can benefit from them for a small monthly fee. To see if we can help with your prescription medication, view our website today or give us a call at 877-596-1604.