Fall Tips for a Diabetes Diet

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Fall Tips for a Diabetes Diet

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With fall upon us, there are different foods available. When you have diabetes, it essential to stick to a healthy diabetes diet to keep your condition in check. As with anyone else, even people who don’t have diabetes, staying in shape and healthy requires sticking to a healthy, whole, well-rounded diet year-round, and working with the change in season. Here are some tips.

Eating for Your Diabetes Diet

Eating for diabetes shouldn’t even be called a diabetes diet because it is essentially healthy eating at its best, with some extra vigilance about carbohydrates and sugars. The way you eat when you have diabetes should be careful and caring about your body so that you can compliment any medication you are taking and make it work even better.

The best things you can do for a diabetes diet are:

  • Eat whole, healthy foods and a well-balanced diet. Americans tend to eat foods that are highly processed and high in saturated fat. This is the opposite of a good diet. A healthy diet should consist of fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean protein, and limited dairy.
  • Watch your sugar intake. Think about hidden sources of sugar like fruit juices so that you don’t accidentally ingest more than you should and cause your blood sugar to spike.
  • Watch your portions. Controlling the amount of food you eat is an essential part of healthy eating. You can try using a smaller plate, or using a food weight scale to be aware of your portions.
  • Eat lots of fiber. This will help to regulate your blood sugar and control spikes and drops. When you eat good meals, you can start to eliminate snacking, which will also help you to lose weight and feel great.
  • Watch what you drink. Drinks are a huge source of sugar and extra, empty calories. Diabetics should stick to healthy drinks like water or tea, and stay away from alcohol too.

In the fall, people tend to eat heavier more calorie-rich foods. As a diabetic, it is important to stick to your guns and keep up with a healthy diet, making the right choices and swaps as necessary. For example, if you find yourself at a football party, you’ll probably find chips and heavy dips being served. Instead, bring a bag of chopped up vegetables and hummus or a light spread. It will be just as satisfying and keep you away from overindulging and making you feel worse.

Make sure to always take any medication your doctor prescribed to you exactly as instructed to do. Eating well is part of the equation, but the right medication will help keep your symptoms in control. If your medication is too expensive for you to afford, you don’t need to turn your back on the possibility. Advocate My Meds can help rid you of the financial burden if you qualify.