Diet Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Diet Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle

Mediterranean Diet

A healthy diet is a lifestyle component that should be added to enhance your health no matter what its current status is. Unfortunately, many Americans eat the Standard American (SAD) Diet, which consists of lots of saturated fats, little fruits and vegetables, unhealthy animal protein, and processed food. This diet can lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer, mood disorders like anxiety and depression, and intestinal disorders.

The Right Way to Eat

The good news is that a lot of these ailments can be prevented through making better dietary choices, and can help any sickness or disease you do have to be slowed down or eliminated completely. One of the best diets in the world is the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet, wMEditerranean Diethich consists of all the things our bodies need to run most efficiently.

The diet consists mainly of nuts, legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy low-fat protein, lots of water, and little to no processed food. It certainly isn’t boring either – many of your favorite dishes can be prepared with fresh, smart ingredients that make it both healthier and great tasting.

Making the Change

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking that you need to run and throw out everything in your kitchen and do an overhaul of your entire diet immediately. Instead, begin with small changes. Try to cut out fast food, and if you have no choice, find out what the healthiest menu options are and stick with those. Try swapping candy for fruit, white bread for whole wheat bread, and chips with fresh vegetables and dip. Make sure the food you eat is quality, so that you are getting more nutrients per bite instead of just filling yourself up with food that doesn’t do anything to fuel your body.

Enjoy the Benefits

>Once you begin to make more changes and eat a healthier diet consistently you will begin to have more energy, strength, and you will even begin to crave better food instead of junk food. You may find that your symptoms will subside and you will be able to discuss going on a lower dose of medicine with your doctor. Always make sure to discuss any changes with your doctor and have them supervise your medication regimen to determine what is best.

We truly are what we eat – and the more quality food you eat, the better you will look and feel, and your body will be stronger and more capable of fighting off illness.