Diabetes and Danger Go Hand In Hand

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Diabetes and Danger Go Hand In Hand

Diabetes supplies

When people find out that they have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, the first thing they ask the doctor is, “Is it curable?” Sadly, the answer is No. Till date, there is no permanent cure for Type 2 Diabetes because this disease is deeply linked with the patient’s genetic makeup. It goes without saying that Type 2 Diabetes is as difficult to diagnose as it is to cure it. Some of the common symptoms of type 2 diabetes are:

  • Recurrent urination,
  • Abnormal thirst,
  • Excessive hunger,
  • Strange weight loss,
  • Exhaustion and irritation,
  • Smeared vision,
  • Slowly healing cuts,
  • Numb hands and feet,
  • Skin and bladder infectivity.

Diabetic Complications

The more effort you put in to keep your blood-sugar level under control, the more these indicators will subside. Unfortunately, most of the people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes don’t come across with these symptoms at all. This means it’s harder to understand the seriousness of the disease you are suffering from.

Regardless of whether the symptoms surface or not, uncontrolled sugar levels can damage the tissues within your body from eye to toe. Patients of Type 2 Diabetes must visit their physician on a regular basis to keep their blood-glucose levels monitored. Furthermore, it is advisable to get your eye and dental tests done as diabetes impacts your eyes and gums adversely.

There are a host of problems that erupt if you fail to manage your blood sugar levels, thus, escalating complications. Some of the diabetes related complications are:

  • Gum infections,
  • Eye-sight problems such as haziness; it can lead to even more serious diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and blindness,
  • Nerve damage that causes numbness in hands and feet,
  • Blood circulation problems leading to feet and legs amputation,
  • Uncontrollable blood pressure,
  • Heart diseases,
  • Kidney problems.

Fighting Diabetes

Knowing that there isn’t any cure, efforts are being made to manage diabetes since a few decades now. Luckily, medical advancements are being made in order to prevent and treat diabetes. The number of people suffering from diabetes in the U.S is skyrocketing and the costs associated with treating it and the related complications are getting higher.

Until a permanent cure is discovered, there are a lot of medications that are prescribed by doctors in order to control Type 2 Diabetes and encourage an individual to lead a happy, energetic and spirited life. However, the medical cost associated with the prescription drugs is only rising and a fewer number of people are in the financial position to bear its burden.

PAP or Patient Assistance Programs are being established by a number of drug companies to help patients afford their medical expenses. These programs aid the under-insured or insured individuals of the society by qualifying them without prescription drug coverage to obtain access to medicines they need by spending little or no money at all.

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