Antibiotic Prophylaxis: What is It?

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Antibiotic Prophylaxis: What is It?

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Whether you believe it or not, there are more than 10,000 different types of prescription drugs and over 300,000 over-the-counter medicines available worldwide – and as research continues, this number continues to grow too. One of the most common medicines amongst these are antibiotics that are used to treat bacterial and viral infections.





Antibiotics are also used by physicians and dentists as a preventative measure for infections before the treatment even begins. These types of preventive antibiotics are called “antibiotic prophylaxis.”


Here’s everything you need to know about antibiotic prophylaxis.

Who is Antibiotic Prophylaxis Beneficial For?

People with certain heart diseases are at a higher risk of developing infective endocarditis (IE), an infection that occurs in the heart valves or the lining of the heart. To limit its effect or protect against IE, the American Heart Associate suggests using antibiotic prophylaxis. Some other cases where antibiotic prophylaxis should be prescribed include:


  • People with a history of IE
  • People who have received a heart transplant and developed a valve problem
  • People who have an artificial heart valve or a heart value repair using prosthetic material
  • People who have congenital heart conditions (heart problems present from birth)


Is Antibiotic Prophylaxis Suitable for Every Patient?

As mentioned in other articles, various medicines are used to treat different health conditions. This isn’t a medicine that can be prescribed to everyone as a preventive measure. It is only supposed to be used when its benefits outweigh the risks of consuming this medicine.


For example, having an infection after getting dental treatment is not very common. If antibiotic prophylaxis is prescribed “just in case,” it can have adverse effects on the body since antibiotics are strong medication, and can lead to diarrhea, upset stomach, allergic reactions, and dizziness. Moreover, if antibiotics are consumed too often, the bacteria in your body can develop resistance to it, making them ineffective even when needed.


Who Needs Antibiotic Prophylaxis?

Antibiotic prophylaxis is prescribed to individuals who are at a higher risk of infection when undergoing surgery. Some of these individuals include:


  • Very young or very old people
  • People with poor nutrition
  • People with obesity
  • People with diabetes
  • People with a history of smoking
  • Those who have existing infections
  • People who recently went through a surgery
  • People with an extended stay at the hospital prior to the surgery

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Is Antibiotic Prophylaxis Costly?

The average cost of antibiotics is $13.10. However, the overall cost can increase depending on how long you’re recommended to consume it. Since most health insurance plans provide coverage just for hospital bills, most Americans have to bear the cost of prescribed drugs themselves. If you’re looking for financial assistance for prescriptions, contact Advocate My Meds.


They’re a full-service prescription assistance organization that makes prescribed medicines in the US affordable. They offer financial services for various brands, such as GSK, Janssen, Bristol Myers, Abbvie prescription assistance, etc.


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