Ways to Afford Expensive Medicines

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Ways to Afford Expensive Medicines

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Despite the integral role of prescriptions in managing medical conditions, millions of Americans still struggle to afford expensive drugs. The high cost of medicines usually deters people from getting medical help. This can result in worsened symptoms and disease progression. There are also slim chances of change as nearly 500 drugs spiked up in price by 5% this year.

So, how can you afford expensive medicines?

In this blog post, we’re discussing various methods, such as talking to your medical professional and getting assistance for prescriptions.

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Consult Your Medical Provider

The first thing you should do is to ensure you get optimal healthcare. This means that you should be given affordable medical care that is tailored to your needs. If you think you aren’t getting it, don’t be afraid to vocalize your concerns to your medical provider.

There’s no reason to feel embarrassed if you’re struggling or can’t afford the drugs you’re prescribed. Regardless of what your diagnosis is, your medical provider has likely seen numerous patients with the same condition. So, they can open the floor for discussions regarding any alternative means of getting the medicines you need. For example, they might prescribe generic ones to help you.

This leads us to our next point.

Buy Generic or Shop Around

A good way to curtail the costs of medicines is by opting for generic-brand drugs. You’re likely to find them for most brand-name ones. These work the same since they have the exact same active ingredients.

In saying that, it’s vital you talk to your doctor beforehand and discuss any concerns you might have. Ask if it’s a feasible option for you and if they’re safe to use for your particular condition. The reason behind this is that the minor differences between generic and brand-name drugs can affect you if you have any allergies.

If there are none, or if you can’t use them, the next best thing is to shop around. Many pharmaceutical companies offer discounts for patients with limited income for some conditions. Additionally, online pharmacies offer discounts on their site that you can compare with an online tool.

Consider Prescription Assistance Programs

Prescription assistance programs offer financial aid to people to help them afford expensive medicines. These programs are designed for underinsured and uninsured patients to access drugs at extremely low costs.

Most pharmaceutical companies offer prescription assistance programs. However, their specific income guidelines will vary greatly as they all have their separate rules.

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Consider Advocate My Meds

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