You Can Do It! Quit Smoking with a Chantix Prescription

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You Can Do It! Quit Smoking with a Chantix Prescription

You Can Do It! Quit Smoking with a Chantix Prescription

If you’re a smoker, you are aware of all the health concerns that smoking can cause. In fact, you’re probably sick of hearing about them. But, quitting isn’t as easy as hearing, “Hey, that’s bad for you!”, and you, in turn, throwing out your pack of smokes. It’s an addiction, which is a disease. There are dozens of ways to quit smoking. And, you may have attempted them all. But, nothing works better than a Chantix prescription. If you’re ready to attempt to quit smoking, it may be time to try this FDA approved, prescription method!

The Challenge of Quitting Smoking

The famous classical author, Mark Twain, once journaled, “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a hundred times”. That’s because nicotine, the addictive additive in cigarettes, is the most addictive substance in the world! Nicotine works to create dependence by stimulating receptors in the brain responsible for releasing dopamine. Dopamine is a naturally produced chemical that makes us feel good about doing everyday tasks like eating, drinking, and mating. This is known as the reward process of the brain. And, addicted smokers have a compromised reward system.
This means that when smoking a cigarette, an individual will get a rush of dopamine, resulting in the positive effects of dopamine–feeling good. But, after a while, dopamine is used up and the body is left craving another cigarette as a result. And, the cycle of addiction ensues. Fortunately, there is a better option than attempting to put down the butts “cold turkey”. A Chantix prescription provides individuals the ability to cut down at their own pace!

How can a Chantix Prescription Help?

Instead of allowing nicotine to stimulate the release of dopamine, Chantix works by attaching to these receptors before nicotine can get to them. So, individuals experience fewer cravings to smoke! There are three methods to quitting when patients are provided a Chantix prescription including:

Fixed Quit Approach: This option allows you to quit a week after starting the medication. So, you’ll still be able to smoke the first week while taking Chantix. Administration of the medication will last up to 12 weeks. In clinical trials, 44% of people had still not smoked after the 12th week.

Flexible Quit Approach: With this approach, you can keep smoking up to 35 days after you start taking the medication. The administration will still last 12 weeks. In clinical trials with this option, 54% of individuals had continued to not smoke after week 12.

Gradual Quit Approach: As the name suggests, this is the most gradual way to quit. In the first four weeks, patients cut their amount of cigarettes per week in half. In the following four weeks, the amount of cigarettes smoked monthly is cut in half again. And, this system continues up to week 24, when the scheduled quit day is set. With this approach, 32% of patients had quit at weeks 15-24.

Getting Financial Help for your Chantix Prescription

If you think that you think a Chantix Prescription may be the solution to help you stop smoking, talk to your doctor. Only a doctor can give you a prescription for Chantix. Once you have your Chantix prescription, you can find out if you’re eligible to receive coverage or discount through patient assistance programs like the one offered by Advocate My Meds! To see if you qualify for our service, visit our website today!