Prescription Drug Costs Still High: Is There Hope?

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Prescription Drug Costs Still High: Is There Hope?

Prescription Drug Costs Still High: Is There Hope?

The United States has seen a steady drug price increase over the last few years, but why? Millions of Americans cannot afford their prescription drug costs because the federal government does not regulate medication prices, so pharmaceutical companies are free to price their drugs as they see fit. This causes many hard working citizens to cut down or be without medications that they need to function properly and even survive. Advocate My Meds has come up with a solution to prescription drug costs by implementing patient assistance programs to help those in need to be able to afford their medications.

Prescription Drug Costs and Congress

Since all businesses in the US have the right to price their products as high as the market will allow, there are no repercussions to the companies that refuse to lower prices. When these companies are addressed about the high costs, they respond with saying that insurance and coupons cover these costs, but many Americans still cannot afford health care, even with the integration of Obamacare. Additionally, companies do not record how much money these insurance companies and coupons cover for each medication, so the question as to the reason for the increase in pricing is still left unanswered.

In the previous couple of years, Congress has been asking CEOs of large pharmaceutical manufacturers to cut prices on products. Drug prices are not federally regulated and the government will not make laws to reform the pharmaceutical industry because of the power of the pharmaceutical lobby and its benefits to the US government. Essentially, Congress asks for lowered prices in hopes to appease the millions of Americans struggling to stay alive due to high medication costs, yet knows that they have no power over what these companies price their products.

So, What Can Be Done about Prescription Drug Costs?

As the CEOs of major drug makers continue to spike medication prices up to 500 percent, it seems that there is not much the average American can do about prescription drug costs. Thankfully, other drug distributors and pharmaceutical companies have come up with programs to help citizens with little or no insurance to help pay for medications. Advocate My Meds offers patient assistance programs for the underinsured Americans that are eligible based on minimal regulations. Those accepted into the program pay a monthly fee for a prescription discount on a list of medications that can be viewed on our website. In most cases, the monthly charge for our service is double what patients save on their medications. In some cases, medications are even completely covered by the program! To find out if you are eligible to apply, please visit our website or call us at 877-596-1604.