Quit Paying the High Cost of your Insomnia Prescription

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Quit Paying the High Cost of your Insomnia Prescription

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Millions of Americans struggle to sleep because of Insomnia. Fortunately, insomnia prescription medication works in aiding many of these sleepless people in getting healthy amounts of sleep every night. But, increasing prices of already high costing insomnia medications are affecting low-income families and those with little or no health insurance coverage. Not to worry; Advocate My Meds endeavors to help Americans who would otherwise not be able to pay for the costs of their prescription medications, including insomnia treatments.

Exploring What Insomnia Really Is

Although everyone at some point in their lives may have trouble falling and staying asleep, for people diagnosed with Insomnia, the struggle is a nightly occurrence. According to estimations by the National Institutes of Health, 30 percent of all people have difficulty falling and staying asleep and 10 percent of all people experience symptoms of Insomnia. Because there are different causes of Insomnia, there are different types of Insomnia disorders. Insomnia disorders include:

Acute Insomnia: This form of insomnia is rarely treated with medications since it only persists for a brief amount of time. Individuals may experience episodes of Acute Insomnia after a highly stressful or traumatic life experience.

Chronic Insomnia: This type of Insomnia is the type most commonly treated with an Insomnia prescription medication. It is when an individual experiences the inability to fall and stay asleep for an extended period of time. Most doctors will diagnose a patient with Chronic Insomnia if they have trouble sleeping for longer than 3-monthth span.

Onset Insomnia: When individuals experience difficulty falling asleep when they try.

Maintenance Insomnia: A type of Insomnia in which individuals wake during the night and have difficulty returning to sleep again.

Comorbid Insomnia: This condition is when an individual experiences both symptoms of Insomnia and another ailment concurrently. Concurring conditions may include injury, disease, or mental conditions. Additionally, these concurring conditions may be the cause of Comorbid Insomnia.

Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia can either be a result of imbalanced sleep drive, a condition of the brain, or as a result of an underlying concurring problem that makes getting proper sleep challenging. To effectively treat the type of Insomnia affecting you, you’ll need to understand what is causing your Insomnia. Causes of Insomnia disorders may include:

  • Arthritis
  • Allergic reactions
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Medications
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Substance abuse
  • Thyroid hormonal imbalance
  • Unhealthy sleep regulation scheduling
  • Unhealthy eating patterns
  • Neurological damage to components of the brain responsible for moderating sleep

What can I do if I Think I May have Insomnia?

The only way to be sure of the causes and type of your sleep disorder is to consult with you doctor. He or she will tell you if you can benefit from lifestyle changes that may increase your ability to sleep or prescribe you with medications to manage your symptoms. An insomnia prescription may be a choice you are granted, and many treatments are effective in helping patients diagnosed with Insomnia disorders get the sleep they need.

Paying for your Insomnia Prescription Medication

Many people diagnosed with Insomnia only find help through an Insomnia prescription. But, the high costs of prescriptions make it challenging for many patients diagnosed with the condition to get the help they need. Through patient assistance programs provided by multiple nonprofit organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Advocate My Meds can offer medication discounts for a low monthly fee. Not only can we help with your Insomnia prescription, but if you need help paying for other prescriptions, we may be able to help with those as well. Once approved, you can gain from the discounts and even full coverage of hundreds of medications. Want to get started saving money on your prescription medications today? Check out our website to view the qualifications for enrollment into the programs and enroll right from the website today! If you have any questions about our program of if you may be eligible, please do not hesitate to call us to speak with an experienced representative at 877-596-1604.