How to Help Lower-Income Patients Get Prescription Drugs

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How to Help Lower-Income Patients Get Prescription Drugs

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About 1 in 4 Americans avoid medical treatments due to the high costs associated with them. Many initially go for treatment but restrict themselves once the medical bills and long-term debts hit them. People also avoid regular checkups and getting prescription pills due to financial burdens, especially those in the lower-income group.

So, what’s the solution to this prevailing issue? While proper treatment continues to add a financial strain, getting access to prescription drugs is still relatively easier. Through financial assistance for prescriptions, getting free drug samples, and getting into the detail of insurance jargon, you can assist lower-income patients in getting their prescription drugs.

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Through Patient Assistance Programs

Patient assistance programs are run by various organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, private entities, services, and more. These obtain a range of medication for people from low-income backgrounds and provide it to them through a simple process.

Most of these programs offer financial assistance to fill prescriptions of those that find it difficult to meet the costs. These services providers source medication and have a limited number in quantity. Therefore, patient screening is done thoroughly to ensure that those unable to afford medication are eligible for this.

Getting Free-Drug Samples

Free samples aren’t difficult to get your hands on, especially if you’ve been visiting a doctor for years now. Doctors always have samples on them that they provide to their patients if they ask for them. So, the key is to not be ashamed and ask the doctor for free samples if they’re available.

How do doctors get free samples, though? Well, many pharmaceutical companies send in their agents to request doctors to keep their medication and sell it to patients. Along with this, the doctors are given free samples to give out to their patients. So, the next time you go for a doctor’s visit, you can try asking them for free drug samples for your treatment.

Medicine in a bowl

Learning the Insurance Jargon

Don’t forget that insurance companies are always looking for a reason not to pay for your medical treatment. Using the right jargon for your insurance needs is essential to have your application processed positively. Therefore, you should take help from legal aid to clear up the insurance details and use the right language to access medical treatment.

All in all, the best way to help lower-income patients get their hands on prescription drugs is through prescription assistance. Advocate My Meds is a highly equipped platform that provides low-income patients with 1500 FDA-approved medications. All you have to do is move forward with a prescription assistance enrollment, and you’re good to go.

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