Keeping Common Prescription Drugs Safe

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Keeping Common Prescription Drugs Safe

Common Prescription Drugs

When prescribed any kind of medicine, it is incredibly important to make sure the script stays in the right hands, even if it one of the most common prescription drugs. Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of drug use in America, and many times people are stealing drugs right from the cabinets of their families and friends. Always be aware of where your medication is, and also make sure you know the best way to use it for your own safety.

Tips for Keeping Common Prescription Drugs Safe

When you are given a prescription, it is important that you protect yourself first by knowing exactly how to use it. Make sure to check for warnings and drug interactions, and speak with your doctor about interactions to watch for with common prescription drugs. Also, make sure to report any negative side effects if they occur. Remember that your doctor prescribed this medicine because they believe that the positive effects outweigh the possible negative ones.

Make sure that your pill bottles have a child-safety closure, especially if you live with small children. Right now, over 60,000 accidental prescription pill overdoses in young children are treated at hospitals throughout the United States. In recent years, this number has gone up by 20%. These number usually spike during holidays – family members may come over to visit and common prescription drugs advocateleave pill bottles unattended in their purses or jackets – leading to a pill bottle getting into the hands of a curious child.

Another thing to take into consideration is teen drug abuse. Unfortunately, teens like to experiment, and drug abuse is becoming somewhat of an epidemic in America. Teenagers and young adults can seek out prescription drugs when they are visiting – often to share them with their friends. Drug addiction often begins with prescription pills, so do your part by keeping your script away from anyone but for who it is prescribed.

Prescription Drug Safety

If you are prescribed any kind of drug, there are a few rules to follow. As we have discussed, make sure to keep it safe and out of the reach of people it shouldn’t be near. Also, make sure to know the interactions. Finally, be sure to make sure you are using it correctly by taking it exactly as prescribed. Remember, your doctor prescribed it a certain way because that is what they felt was most appropriate to help your needs. Take your pill at the same time each day, using an alarm if you need, to remind yourself. You can also enlist the help of a family member to help remind you to take your pill. There are weekly pill boxes available for purchase at most drug stores, where you can divide your pills into what should be taken daily, to make sure you never take more than recommended.

With any kind of prescription, it’s always safety first!