Americans Cannot Afford Prescriptions

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Americans Cannot Afford Prescriptions

afford prescriptions

There are many Americans that are skipping the cost of their prescriptions, simply because they cannot afford them. There are many prescription scripts that get written, but only 20% of those prescriptions are actually filled. Many people ask their doctor’s for a lower-cost alternative. There are 82% of Americans that have been prescribed at least one prescription drug. So why are so many people being prescribed medications and how can they get help?

Many people are going to great lengths to save extra money. Some of the steps can be potentially dangerous. Have you done any of the following to help save money?

  • Skipped filling a prescription
  • Postponed a doctor’s visit
  • Declined medical tests
  • Skipped filling a prescription
  • Cut pills in half

People are taking short cuts to save money, but in return putting themselves in more danger. By skipping a prescription or doctor’s visit, you may need more medication down the road to help.

How to Get Help and Afford Prescriptions

No one should sacrifice their health simply because they cannot afford it. If you do not have insurance, there are other ways to helafford prescriptionsp pay for your medication. There are discount cards and generic brands, but a way to get full or most of your prescription cost covered is Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs).

Advocate My Meds is a prescription assistance program that has helps hundreds of low-income individuals afford their medications. We are able to help you and others afford prescriptions by working with pharmaceutical companies and reducing the cost that individuals have to pay.

We are able to work with the individuals to help fill out paper work and eligibility to find the best discount provided. One of the requirements is your household income has to be lower than the 200% Federal Poverty line. For more information on eligibility you can visit here.