No Prescription Coverage? Options do Exist

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No Prescription Coverage? Options do Exist

Prescription Coverage

In the United States today, over 60 percent of people report using one or more prescription drugs in the past year according to an abstract by The Commonwealth Fund called “Issues in International Health Policy.” Of those people, almost 20% report using 4 or more prescriptions. In recent years, the use of prescription drugs has become a central component to treating and preventing illness. Many people rely on it to feel better and even just to function as a normal part of society.

Prescription Coverage isn’t The Only Way To Access Medication

The fact of the matter is that prescription medication is costly. It can be costly when you have insurance, but if you don’t have prescription coverage, it can be almost impossible to pay for out of pocket. One of the most expensive drugs out there, according to a recent article from AARP, is Solaris which is used to treat life-threatening blood diseases. It can cost up to $440,000 per year. For the average American, this is not even close to do-able.

One of the big issues with prescription drugs is also the fact that it is usually the older population that relies on a fixed income that needs them most. These people simply have no options, and as a result they have to live with pain and other debilitating conditions that can severely impact their quality of life.

Options exist out there for people who don’t have prescription coverage. Companies like Advocate My Meds take the financial burden away from getting prescriptions for people who qualify. That way, everyone can get the meds they need without worrying about not having money to live.

A Story About Prescriptions and Quality of Life Prescription Coverage Advocate

Recently, a woman in her 70s named Sasha found her arthritis getting worse and worse. She had always led a healthy and active lifestyle that included hiking in the Colorado foothills near Boulder, where she lives. She saw a doctor about her chronic and often debilitating knee pain, and he prescribed a common arthritis medication to help with the swelling and pain. When she went to the pharmacy to fill it out, she was at a loss when she heard the price. She ended up leaving without filling the script.

Months later, Sasha found herself unable to walk up and down the steps of her house normally, and when she did she was in agonizing pain. A friend finally introduced her to Advocate My Meds, and she was able to get her prescription nearly for free. Her life was changed, and she went on to begin hiking in not only the foothills but the mountains too, just to prove that she could.

Don’t live with pain and discomfort. You don’t need to. Your quality of life can be tremendously boosted with the right medication, and the early you get to it, the better.